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"Good Neighbors has been warm and welcoming to my entire family from the beginning. We have peace of mind that our children are in a safe environment. The Center has been very willing and capable to work with my family regardless the situation. The staff and teachers are very kind, professional, knowledgeable and creative in all they do. They truly and honestly go out of their way to accomodate each family as a whole. It is amazing to see all the wonderful changes that have been made in just the last several months. With such a small office staff, they have accomplished so much. I am truly proud to have my children attending Good Neighbors. Thank you so much!" -J.S.

"Good Neighbors is a clean, safe child development center. The play yard is inviting and full of age appropriate equipment for the children to develop fine motor skills on and enjoy. The staff is friendly, caring and helpful. My children, now ages 24, 23, 18, 8, and twins ages 6, all attended this facility. This allowed them to develop a love for learning and it was here they obtained the foundation and needed skills for kindergarten so I could go to work."  -D.P.

"Good Neighbors is a place where children of Del Paso Heights neighborhoods can have a safe, nurturing environment that prepares them for kindergarten by introducing numbers, letters, sequencing and storytelling! -D.F.


"Our future is bright, let us embrace them together."